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Joe Ader

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Mar 20, 2019
Cancun Mexico
Hi Everyone Greetings =)

My name is Joe

I have read a lot of good stuff on this site and finally had some free time from work so decided to Join

I was born and lived my younger years in PA USA but now reside In Cancun Mexico for the last 25+ Years

Im really into Fish, Fish breeding and for a while now Aquarium Plants, Mostly Rare and Strange Aquarium plants!!!

I Collect Mostly: Mosses, Bucephalandras, Anubias, Ferns & Eriocualon Species

I have Multiple Sumersed & Emersed Tanks

Looking to meet new people and share experiences to learn New Cultivation Techniques Etc, also to help others in any way I can

Thanks for letting me be part of this wonderful site Best Wishes for you all

Happy Day =)

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