New Member From Hong Kong


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Feb 10, 2020
Hong Kong
Hello, a few lines to introduce myself.

Originally from the Netherlands, I call Hong Kong home.

Three decades ago, in the Netherlands, I used to have a 100g tank. Despite having limited knowledge / technology / measurement data, it worked well, and my plants thrived. Probably lucky.

A few years ago, I took up my old hobby again, and recently upgraded to a 55g tank, Fluval FX4 filter, Juwel Helialux Spectrum 1000 *2, CO2 system with AquaMedic 1000 reactor and pH controller. Using JBL Proscape soil, and the Seachem range of liquid fertilizers.

My aim is really to grow beautiful plants, and I am eager to learn from all the expertise that is so generously shared on this site. Therefore, big thanks to Tom and all contributors for making this platform such a rich source of information, and for sharing best practices.