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New Member But I've Been Here Awhile.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Brandon Kidd, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. Brandon Kidd

    Brandon Kidd Lifetime Member
    Lifetime Member

    Feb 28, 2019
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    12:51 PM
    I haven't had aquariums my whole life. In fact only about 5 years. My brother gave me a tank, and told me that I have the personality of someone who would excel with aquariums. He thought I would quickly learn and convert to salt tanks. I did not.

    I had a few fish, my tank was goofy with plastic toys and hiding spots. Then it just got boring for me. I am a very active person, I love to learn and work with my hands. Keep fish is just too tame for me. I needed more.

    I saw some plants at the lfs. So naturally I went home and started to research some of the plants I saw, anubias, Java, mossimo, all common low light plants. And thats when the door to aquascaping was unlocked for me. The styles and colors , the infinite scapes and plus of plants. It was what I needed in my aquarium life.

    I started a 10 gallon, I used what I could find locally at chain stores. Bacopa, hairgrass, windelov. Low light and small fertz and excel inert soil. It did good. All the while I was learning more and more.


    Next I took it to the next level in a 20 gallon, then 40 gallon breeder, getting better with each setup.

    I have just decided to take the plunge and bought a full co2 setup for high light. I just planted two days ago.

    Also worth mentioning, I have been on Barr report since the begining. I tried to join groups on Facebook and use resources such as planted tank but what I found was there was a lot of people arguing and a lot of misinformation and time and time again I would come back to the bar report in feel as if I was getting quality information that I felt good about using in applying in my techniques.

    After buying this high light CO2 setup I realized it was time to join the community because it's just so much easier to get the answers I need from people who are doing it, and skip all the speculation.

    I look forward to being part of conversation and discussion for years to come. Keep up all the awesome work guys and gals

    Brandon kidd


    #1 Brandon Kidd, Mar 2, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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