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New Home, New 29!

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Tihsho, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Tihsho

    Tihsho New Member

    Aug 16, 2018
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    2:28 PM
    Just bought my first home and finally have space to start getting back into aquariums. Convinced the gf to let me setup a tank in the living room, so I'm currently just working with a 29 gallon.

    Currently besides the tank, lid, and stand I'm toying with ideas for lights, substrate and filtration. I've been using Eheim's over the years after converting from Fluval's, I have yet to look back. This time I think I might try out the Ecco line rather than the Classics that I had previously converted to. Sadly the stand cannot hold the canister or anything tall inside of it for that matte. If I thought more about it at the time of shopping for it I should have gotten a stand that could house stuff beneath it, but I got suckered in by the gf to pickup the 'fancier' cube cubby style stand that was rated for a 40 breeder rather than the standard storage stand for a 29. I know I know, why not just setup a 40 breeder instead? I have one sitting that's new that could be used... Well, I'm an OCD engineer and the wall that the tank is going against is running parallel to the floor joists. I know the joists can take the weight, but I'd rather sleep well at night. But moving on, with storage being limited I'm toying with whether or not I should setup one of my 5lb CO2 tank/regulator setups on this tank or not? Ideally I'd not like to see the cylinders out in the open as I'll have the canister filter already sitting on the side of the stand, but then again now I'm limiting myself on the setup. The other concern are our kittens. One I know will check it out and then move along, but the other I'm concerned will chew the airline or charge at it and crash into it like he does to everything else.

    One of the other item up for debate is non-inert/inert substrate. I've used it all over the years; Fluval Stratum, ADA Aquasoil, Mr. Aqua, Seachem Flourish/Onyx, capped MGOPS, pool filter sand, kitty litter, blasting stand... The list goes on. With the theme of our living room, I was thinking on going back to Seachem Onyx sand which was actually what led me to this forum! My only concern is the buffering capacity. I'm on a well, and usually this is a good thing for soft acidic water, but the previous home owner installed a softening system that feeds everything in the house. The softening system is kicking out water around 7.4, so in the long run I'm going to have to run an RO/DI system for aquarium water.

    As for lights? I'm toying with the idea of the new Finnex 24/7 that is adjustable. My only concern is if this will end up being too much light if I don't run CO2? Ideally I'd like to run CO2 as I'm horrible with dosing Excel.

    I'll work on further posts with pics, but who really wants to see an empty tank right now?

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