New Guy...same Song Different Verse


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Jun 19, 2019

New guy here. I've been doing the planted tank thing for about 10 years. About a year ago, the last of our fish died of old age and we took the tank down because we were really busy at the time and something needed to give. Now that it's summer (the mrs. and I are both educators) we have some time to get back into things and we're bringing our tank back.

Currently, we have a 18" cube (25 gallon), and a Fluval Spec III. The cube is currently a low tech planted tank with the usual suspects; swords & Java fern. The Fluval will be an inverts only tank with shrimp & snails. Both are in various stages of cycling, or getting established as a new tank.

Our plan is to get a Waterbox Cube 10 and do low tech there, and turn the 18" cube into a high tech tank. That's what brought me here. This forum is a wealth of knowledge for CO2 equipment, etc.

Looking forward to it, y'all.