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Feb 18, 2007

I moved the diffuser to a different location in the tank, turned up the CO2 a bit, and am keeping it going 24/7 instead of just during the day. CO2 (by the chart) is now up to somewhere around 15-20ppm, so better.

Observations after ~10 days:
  • Tank is clearer ... probably mostly due to not adding the algae kill chemicals I'd resorted to before.
  • Algae growth seems slowed - plants recently added are not showing any signs of algae growth on the leaves; feels like I am scraping the tank glass less frequently (but never actually tracked it before).
  • Angelfish which I've had for over a year spawned for the first time.
  • I noticed that some of the fish were physically pulling algae off the plants and eating it. I've seen the pecking behavior before certainly, never noticed that they seemed to be visually removing anything.
Perhaps some aspect of optimism or wishful thinking, but things do seem to be improving.


Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
More CO2 and makes sure to clean and harass the algae that is there, if you have issues with algae, attacking 1-4x a week good makes it's life very tough.
This extra labor is worthwhile only..............
when the plants are growing well..............otherwise?

You watch all that work get reinfested a few days later, then you are not that interested in weeding the algae out are you?

So this is the main reason to focus on the plants to address an algae issue, there are secondary issues at hand, and your labor is one of them.


Tom Barr