New Designs For Stores 65g High Tech Tank.


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Feb 18, 2019
I've been wanting to re-scape the stores 65g planted display for a while now seeing how there isn't much thought into placement of plants and the substrate is in need of replacement. I have been working on a design for for a more bar styled dutchy tank, and was wondering if you guys had anything else to suggest or a slightly different layout. Close to E.I dosing 6 bulb t5ho 36*18*24 tank. Please excuse my scribbles.
Current tank:

new plan:
robert layout.jpg

1. Christmas moss 2. AR mini/ or verigated 3. limno rugosa 4. pogo Downoi 5. Syno belem 6. limno Aromatica 7. Lobelia cardinalis 8. limno Sessiflora 9.ludwigia Pantanal 10.? Buce or pinto on the wood & more moss.