New 55 gallon


Mar 13, 2005
Eastern Kentucky
So over the weekend I go into a fish shop that I have not been in before. Nice shop on salt water stuff and they were holding a drawing for a new 55 gallon setup. I filled in the card and low and behold they called yesterday and I won.
So, I am thinking of setting it up for my plants. I am currently running a 20gal long with great success after following guidence here and would like to do the same with the 55 and transfer everything from the 20 to the 55. The 20 will end up being a nano reef.

I was hoping you all could save me the time and math of searching and coming up with the needed dosing values and light.
Starting out with light, what amound has worked well for you 55 gal owners.

I dose Gregs stuff dry and mix Gregs Traces. How much of each element have you 55 gal owners found to work well for you with CO2, high light and heavy plant load ?