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New 4x2x2 120 gallon low tech plan. Advice?

Discussion in 'Non-CO2 Methods' started by larcat, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. larcat

    larcat Junior Poster

    Nov 26, 2011
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    2:04 PM

    We just recently bought a 120 gallon tank, and 4x54 Catalina Solar T5HO fixture to go with it. It is wired so that the outer bulbs are on one switch and the inner bulbs are on another switch for flexibility between low/med/high light. Two outer bulbs will be 6.5k and two inner 10k.

    Substrate will be aged, mature MTS on top of MGOP on top of a small amount of worm castings. We've always used worm castings in our tanks, with good success. The MTS is from our current 55 gallon, super low tech crypt tank. It is very high iron MTS.

    Total substrate depth will be ~ 4 inches. I know this is considered by many to be very deep, but for a variety of reasons we want to go this route.

    Plants will be all crypts, anubias and java fern. Hardscape is one massive chunk of drift wood.

    Toughest plant to grow will be C. Parva, which we have a huge amount of.

    The plan: Excel and dry ferts. Par tables make me think we should suspend the light about 18-20 inches above the tank for low/med light.

    The question: Dosing regime/water change schedule using dry ferts and excel. Never done dry ferts before. Want to go as simple as possible.

    Do I have the light height correct? Should I run all four or do a mid-period blast with the 10ks?

    Thanks for the help!

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