New 120ish Gallon Tank Suggestions


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Jan 11, 2008
I am currently replacing a 120 gallon tank that was lost in a house fire a while back and I was wondering is anyone had any suggestions on what manufacturer to get the tank from. I used to always buy All-Glass aquariums, because I thought that was all there was. I did not know about sapphire glass, rimless tanks etc. As far as budget goes, it looks like I'll get about 2k from the insurance company for the tank and stand. I've looked at some of the ADA tanks online, but I think I like a rectangular footprint more.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
They make a 45 cmx45cm x120 cm, basically a 70 gal tank.
About 450-500$.
Finding a local person to make a tank might be a real challenge.
Glasscages made me a nice looking 120 Gallon with star fore, the edges where a bit rough, but the cost was not bad for a rimless.

For a 180 Gallon size, the ADA 15mm glass tank is about the best deal, but I can get that locally, you might be able to see where Glasscages delivers and go from there.

Tom Barr