Neseasa Golden Not Growing Well


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Jun 28, 2020
I started this aquarium a month and a half ago. It started out a little rough. none of the plants were growing well. It looked like a micro nutriant deficince so I up the micros(the only thing I changed) and things just got worse.

I halfed my origional micro dose and things got lots better. Now everything is growing well except for the Nesaea golden. The nesaea golden was doing much worse until I lowered the micros.

It never seems to open up and the leaves are long and narrow and it is growing slow. The stem is not pink either.

Dosing daily-
.75ppm Potassium
1ppm Nitrates
.5ppm Phosphates
.25ppm magnisum
0.03ppm Iron/traces

Other specs:
20 gallon long
CO2- 1.5 drop in CO2 on from 9-6
Light- Planted Plus HCL 24/7 on at 8 out of 10 brightness for 3 hours, and full brightness for 3 more hours
Black sand
Weekly 70% water change

Water parameters:
KH 7 but goes up over the week
GH 7 but goes up over the week
ph: 6.3 with co2 to 7.8 without
Nitrates- 2ppm

I'm keeping nitrates under 5ppm to get my rotala rotundifolia more red

Brown Diatoms are going way and the only algae is staghorn because I'm going from 2 water changes a week to 1.





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Jun 22, 2020
I had the same problem. I trimmed it and replanted the cutting and they grow much better. I find this with some aquatic plants the original plant never fully convert to underwater but new growth is converted and grows better.


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Aug 4, 2020
I have the same problem with mine and it's so frustrating and I knew it was going to do it when I got it. I don't think yours was submersed when you got , look at the wide leaves on the bottom part of the plant.
I have also found it's best to replant the tops after they get some new growth. I just accept that the plant I put in the tank at first will die off and if I am lucky the new growth is what I will be left in the end. You can see in both pics the difference in the leaves from top to bottom, the last pic was taken last night and it looks worse than it did a week before in the first pic. What I found is that during this transformation if you look at it to long it will grow algae.

Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden'.jpg