Need Help With Sagittarius



I'm noticing that where I've cut some sagittarius (due to algae growth), in certain spots it hasn't begun to grow back. Some parts have, but quite a few stay the same length and are again covered (including the pruned end) in the light layer of algae that caused me to prune it in the first place. Is there something I can do to encourage these stagnant sections to grow out? What has baffled me about this is the sagittarius are spreading both through runners and whatever that leaf-like structure that comes from the middle with a new plant, but my existing plants look ragged.


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Sep 23, 2007
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IME if the leaf does not regenerate, it is too far gone to do so.

I tend to cut these damaged leaves completely the first time, as I do not find they regenerate the same way as most stems do.

Trimming and pruning overall is very beneficial to aquatic plants and should not be underestimated. It allows more light, flow, nutrients, etc to be available.

Plus, this induces bushing in many plants and promotes overall new growth,

An added benefit to me, is that if after 7-10 days (at most) if there is not new good growth, that tells me something is off.
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