Need help with CO2 setup


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Jul 8, 2008
I am setting up a planted tank and just purchased the following CO2 kit:
Reef Fanatic regulator, solenoid, and bubble counter
SMS122 PH controller
Aqua Medic Reactor M (there 500 series with a powerhead)

My main question is involving the powerhead driven reactor. I realize the solenoid plugs into the PH controller which starts and stops the CO2 as needed. When the controller shuts off the flow of CO2 does the powerhead continue to run? Is there anyway to link the powerhead reactor to the controller? I have not yet received everything and am trying to put it together in my head.


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

The controller and powerhead will have separate power cords, so the answer to your question is that the flow of c02 will not affect the powerhead.

I have a similar setup (with the AM1000).

I use my SMS meter just to check the ph level.

You should do a search on drop checkers, get one, get it to the desired color (when you search on this, you will see what I mean), and when your c02 is good, use the ph meter to let you know quickly if you are over/under this benchmark.

Here is the link I want you to read:

I disconnected the solenoid. When it flips on/off the c02 loss in the tank may be considerable when cycling on/off. Many of us don't use the solenoid.

Most of us now turn on c02 about 1hr PRIOR to lights on and 1/2 hr PRIOR to lights off.

No need for c02 at night.

I have one timer for the c02, but the pump that drives the reactor is on 24/7.

Hope this helps.