Need Help/Plant Selection


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Aug 27, 2008
I have a 60G tank 36x18x20 it will have ADA amazonian soil. So far as lights go thhere will be 2x96W bulbs on different timers. But my main question is what plants would you recommend ? I like Crypts, Swords and Tiger Lillies any other recommendations gladly accepted. No CO2


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Jan 24, 2005
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With over 3 watts per gallon and no CO2, you will have a hard time avoiding algae. You will need to dose NPK and trace elements, and, at least, Excel as a carbon fertilizer. If you raise that light fixture so it is something like a foot above the water you might reduce the light intensity enough to do ok without CO2, without getting algae attacks. The plants best suited for that setup depends on how bright you let the lights be.


I agree with Vaughn about the CO2. To be safe, at least install a DIY CO2 and a drop checker (as Vaughn has told me before :) and you will have great success)

as far as plants, I like ludwigia a lot. It seems like the only thing I can't kill, and as long as it has CO2 it grows pretty fast even in a low-med light aquarium. One of my favorite types of ludwigia is Ludwigia peruensis.

Just remember that high light = high maintenance