Need help choosing plants


Junior Poster
Apr 7, 2008
I am in a dilemma, and need some expertise. I want to enter a tank in the AGA international aquascaping contest, and have a very great picture in my head of what I want to design. Problem is finding what species of plants will work and finding them to begin with.

Tank will be either 5 or 10 gallons, and will be using med-high lighting. Will also be dosing by EI and using CO2 by DIY. I want to find a species of plant that is more like a foreground, staying fairly short, and that will flower. This is my main issue is finding a plant that will suite the requirements. I will also be trying to keep the temp in the tank a little cooler between 20-25 degrees celcius. My water here is pretty alkeline at about 12GH and pH of roughly 7.8. I find though that most plants do fine in my water. CO2 of course will help lower pH, and I can always use the method of RO if need be.

So any ideas anyone? :D