Need an nice LED customized but do not want to make it yourself?Good builder availabe

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
I've been working with a local builder who has done a lot of ebay items for folks and Reef central stuff, this is some of the 1st forays into FW planted tanks, but the optics in reefs are much more picky.

His name is Matt and he can likely make you a set of nice looking LED lights with any color options or duimmers and color of fixtures you desire.

I will be using his services to convert many/most all of my own tanks over.
I might save only 5% vs buying these things myself and then I have DIY and make it look nice.
Some are into that, for the rest of us, Matt is a good builder and has a lot of experience.



I'll detail the various fixtures and options I will use from his builds.