Need advice about adding CO2


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Jan 12, 2006
I just set up a new tank. 65 gal. I'm diffusing my CO2 with the diffuser that shoots the bubbles from side to side as they rise through the rungs (don't know if this has a name). I put this below the vertical output bar of my canister filter so that the last bubbles get pushed down and jump around a moment or two. This is all done on one side of the tank, not the back. My bubble count is about one per second. Haven't checked ppm yet, but getting good pearling in the afternoon. Any suggestions? I'm obviously new at this.


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Jan 24, 2005
Re: Need advice about adding CO2

The fact that you are getting pearling means you have things going in the right direction.

The diffuser you are referring to is probably the "ladder" distributed by Hagen, and though it is not very efficient, it seems okay for smaller set ups.

Since pearling is one of the best signs of success, enjoy it while it lasts, and get familiar with E.I dosing strategies to keep it going that way.