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NEC Convention

Discussion in 'Aquatic Clubs, Events, and Announcements' started by krandall, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. krandall

    krandall Prolific Poster

    Dec 26, 2008
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    8:25 PM
    The North East Council of Aquarium Societies will hold its annual convention on March 20-22, 2009.

    For those who have not had the pleasure of attending in the past, this is one of the best (if not THE best!) general aquarium hobby conventions in the country.

    This year, the convention has an emphasis on planted aquaria, and, as usual, AGA will be well-represented. Friday afternoon from 2:00 - 4:00 AGA will have its traditional meeting, this year, featuring Ghazanfar Ghori as speaker. This meeting is open to all conference attendees, whether they are AGA members or not.

    The entire "plant line-up" is as follows:

    Ghazanfar Ghori - Cryptocoryne
    Ole Pedersen (University of Copenhagen)- Nutrition in the Planted Tank
    Ole Pedersen (University of Copenhagen)– Algae
    Karen Randall – Thailand (this will be different from my talk at AGA last fall and will include material from my just concluded trip)

    Something new this year will be an all-plants auction on Friday night. For those of you who decide to come, I'd put your rare plants or delicate stem plants in this auction. The real "plant people" will be paying attention to this auction. Save your "tank busters" for the giant general auction on Sunday, the plants that go for the biggest bucks in that auction tend to be large Anubias, huge chunks of Java fern, big swords, etc.

    In addition, there will be all the usual NEC fun, speakers and vendors. There is usually a vendor with lots of nice (sinking) driftwood, Lee Finley with all his books (including stall a few mostly complete sets of the old "Aquarium Today") Frank Greco with lots of "mini" fish for your nano tanks, and lots more. (Plus the AGA booth, this year graced by a tank designed by Bailin Shaw!).

    For full details, visit the NEC website at:

    34th Annual Convention

    Please help spread the word, and come if you can, it will be a great time!!!

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