Nano Tank Evolution

Richard Jones

New Member
Oct 26, 2020
Hey y'all! I'm an old saltwater and fancy goldfish keeper (Ranchus are my weak spot), but I haven't kept fish for probably 20 years... until now! As you can imagine, things have changed a lot since I worked in fish stores in high school in the late 80's when I used undergravel filters on my saltwater tanks ;)

Anyway, I wanted another Ranchu, and thought I would start with one in a nano tank until he got too big and I could petition my wife for a bigger tank. So I jumped right into designing a tank for a single water piggy that would satisfy my wife's design ethos but also handle his bio load. Since I wanted an AIO with no equipment showing, I modeled it up in Sketchup and this is what I came up with:

Wow, that is more embarrassing than I thought it would be! But the main points were the bamboo, rounded pebbles, a Buddha, and lots of swimming space. (Yes, I know that isn't a Ranchu, but that's the only nice looking goldfish I could find in Sketchup).

But as I researched the latest aquarium innovations, I discovered planted freshwater tanks... and I'm hooked! I ended up building a custom AOI filter with CO2 injection and everything. And nowadays the tank looks like this:

I'm still working on the plant placements and algae control, and I could definitely use some suggestions.

There is a whole lot of explainin' to do between point A and point B, and I'd love to recount my adventure if you're interested, so please let me know if I should continue!

Thanks for checking it out,