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Nano Tank: Aquascaping And Horticulture Training

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hydroponic, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Hydroponic

    Hydroponic New Member

    Dec 20, 2018
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    12:21 PM
    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I've been keeping planted tanks for a long time now (over 13 years), and recently I've decided to set up a nano planted tank to hone some skills and to practice aquascaping in a friendly platform.

    This tank started as 35x16x21(H) cm, 11L tank (that would be something like 3 gallon and 14x6x8 inches for those who dislike switching tabs for unit conversion). It was ran with a small canister filter, no heater (tropical weather where I live) and pressurized CO2 running on an airstone close to the filter inlet. Light was a horizontal 23 or 30W CFL with a very poor reflector.

    First layout was a simple Iwagumi with a very fine sand substrate and some flourish tabs. This one went pretty well during the time it was setup. However, the final pic was taken when HC wasn't looking sharp.

    Final 2_zps9b5pbcjh.JPG

    I got tired quickly because there is not much to do in a iwagumi setup, so I switched to a scape with some wood and stem plants. I also used aquasoil this time because I felt HC unrooted easily in fine sand if I let it grown. Well, all I can say is that aquasoil is definitely worse for the initial planting, but it also works fine.

    WhatsApp Image 2017-06-03 at 23.04.58_zpsufsqse7n.JPEG


    The third and more recent setup had quite a few changes. First of all, I ordered a custom nano tank with a built in sump to make filter maintenance easier and hide all equipment. The dimensions now are 35x20x20 cm (14x8x8 inches) and the sump in the back adds more 35x10x20 (14x4x8). The light is the same reflector but with 2 13W CFL, as I felt only 1 light was giving poor coverage. CO2 is being injected in the return pump venturi. This time, I've tried a Brazilian inspired layout because that's what the cool kids do here and I feel that it will teach perspective.


    41881566810_ee962cda7d_k.jpg 42287304250_a1ffb53151_k.jpg

    Everything was stable and running well until I decide to switch R. rotundifolia with R. mexicana and R. wallichi with R. H'RA. In the 2 following days, all my shrimp died (2 year old colony) and a algae outbreak started. I'm puzzled to why, because I have not touched anything else, just replanted some stuff. What makes me really sad is loosing my shrimp, but I'm working to go back to a stable condition.

    And that's basically my story until now! There is also a 90g non CO2 tank that I want to share here, but this will be for another day.


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