Mystery S.repens Melt Spreading To A. Reineckii Mini


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Mar 7, 2020
Last week one of my S.Repens stems did the mystery melt thing and started spreading out to other stems. I removed the offending stems but then noticed that the same issue was spreading to my E.Acicularis mini as well as my A.Reineckii mini.

In the pic you can see the Repens leaves starting to melt but also the Reineckii doing the same. The empty space was epicenter of the problem.

Tank is 23g and is over a month old and fully cycled. I dose PPS-Pro 4ml macros and 4ml micros daily with C02 at 30ppm, kH 5 gH 9. Photoperiod is 6hrs/day.

I’ve read quite a few accounts about the Repens melt but not that it would affect other plants.

Any ideas? Thanks!