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Jun 27, 2007
Hi Tom,
I dont know what to say, my plants are bad!
My arcuata are now show dead areas, i do all the things you tell me to do, i think is because 1/3 of the dose, i think plants need more, my fern stop grow and my vals show holes.
I will up my dose!
I have here step 2 of ada for traces, how much i need add? amano talk in 5 ml for 20 galons, so 6 push for me is ok?

Please if you have more sugestions please tell me!


Luís Moniz

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
The main reason for 1/3rd is that your tank is likely not using that much nutrient right now.
Maybe later............

Ferts cost a fair amount I'd suspect there.
Adding 6mls per 20 gallon with Step 2 is fine.

I think it's still an issue with CO2 if you are having so many issues, light and nutrients should be covered.............

Another possible issue might be the tap water there is treated with copper or something else.

Otherwise is goes back to CO2.

Watch the CO2 over time.
See what it does day to day and week to week.
Sometimes the CO2 rate will drop off, or as the plants grow in, you need at add a bit more CO2 to account for the extra plant growth.

I used DIY CO2 for many years and saw similar issues if I forgot to change the CO2 brew in the DIY bottles.
If you can direct the CO2 mist from the diffuser into the plants with your current from the filter, do that!

It should help.

You mentioned the RO idea for filtering the tap water. You might want to consider it and see how it helps(or not).
That would rule the tap water out.

You can try using some filtered water and then see how things go. Then, if it does work, you might consider an RO filter.
They are quite cheap here these days. But they might be $$ there due to shipping etc.

Tom Barr