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My Algae Issue

Discussion in 'Algae Control' started by Tomáš Rejmont, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Tomáš Rejmont

    Tomáš Rejmont New Member

    Apr 14, 2020
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    1:48 AM
    Hi, please could you help me to reduce algae.

    I am fighting with algae more than 2 years. I have lot of algae on my background.

    Aquarium: 160x55x50 cm, I use PH controller to keep pH. I had a BBA, I switched off pH controller during the night, now when I keep running controller whole day and night, Black algae disappear and I have mainly green algae. Could you advice how to get rid of this algae?

    I have 12 discuss fish and 20 neon tetras.

    I have a lot of PO4 in tap water. I use rowaphos in filter to redue PO4.

    I have two filtres Eheim 3 2075 and Fluval 204 with biomedia inside + szat clear water.

    CO2 reactor - aqua medic reactor 1000.

    Light: Aquatlantis Easy LED 1450 mm, 72 W freshwater, 10 hours lighting, maximum capacity (95%) only 4 hours a day.

    I dose only tenso coctail, the other nutrients are from waste.

    Water change 80- 120l weekly

    water parametres:

    NO3 (mg/l) 33
    NO2 (mg/l) 0
    Fe 0,3
    PO4 1,84
    K 31,3
    pH 6,35
    UT dkH 2,3
    TDS 260
    CT dGH 15
    CO2 31
    Mg 2
    Ca 34


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