My 80 gal planted tank..and fertilizing questions

Sunny Archer

Junior Poster
Feb 12, 2015
Hello aquatic gardeners

I thought of sharing a pic of my 80 gal planted tank which is 6 months old now. Here are the parameters

ADA Aquasoil and powersand substrate.Two 48" BML led strip( with dimmer, kept at 60% of max..after I faced some hair algae months back.)One strip is 65K and the other 10K.Lights come on at 7:30 am and off at 1 pm.

Pressurised C02 ,around 12 bubbles per sec, 40 psi pressure, with misting method(Rio 800 CVT) ..the misting can be seen in the pic.C02 comes on at 6:20 am and off at 2 pm.The dropchecker is pale green most of the day and plants I assume C02 levels are adequate. I also dose Flourish Excel 15 ml every night.

Two Eheim filters (2217, 2075) with spraybar to increase surface agitation. I have around 25 porkchop rasboras, 20 rummynose tetras, 5 angels..and few amano shrimps.I feed frozen worms alternating with flakes twice a day I assume fish load is high.

Current fertilization is EI daily(60gm of KNO3, 15 gm of KH2PO4, 25 gm of MgSO4(Epsom salt))..into 1 lit of tap water and dose 50 ml daily. I also dose Flourish 5ml and Iron 5ml daily in evening.

Toronto tap water parameters are ph 7.6., KH 6dKH(107.4ppm), GH 143 ppm). My tank water parameters after lights 7, KH 7dKH(125.3 ppm), GH 179 ppm.(All tests using API liquid test kits)

1.Let me know what you think of my fertilizing,C02, light methods.Should I increase my C02 duration?

2.Red plants are growing well but new leaves turning green. I checked my Nitrate today its 40 plus ppm as per API nitrite liquid test kit. Recently watched a youtube video(which has reference to Tom Barr).. that said high nitrate causes red to turn greenish.Should I reduce KNO3 in my dosing? I understand increasing PO4 will bring reds out..with the fish waste that I have..should I try increasing KH2PO4 in my liquid?

3.The only algae I ever had was hair algae in early stage of the tank..thats when I reduced the light intensity and duration and overdosed Excel.The algae died along with some of my plants.So I am worried to increase the light intensity again.I understand to get reds the light intensity has to be high.

4.I feel that the greens are more on the yellowish side than I would there any reason for that?

Thanks in advance.