My 180 Gallon Planted Tank


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Jan 8, 2019
Sarnia, ON
Just wanted to share my setup. Starting with equipment and I'll add more about livestock, maintenance, pictures, etc. as I have time.

: Rimless 61x33x23H. 3 panel starphire glass.
Light: Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8 lamp (link). Only running 3 bulbs at the moment and about a 8h photo period.
Filters: 3x Eheim Professional 3e 2078 (490 GPH/each)
Filter Media: 15lbs of pumice (link) in the Eheim filters. 25mm Sera Siporax rings in 2 big blue canisters (lots).
Filter Plumbing: Tank is drilled through the bottom and inflow plumbing is hidden under the substrate and a strainer with a prefilter pad (link) is hidden in the corner behind all the plants. Three lilly pipe outflows (link) for canister filters.
Co2 Reactor: 2x Big Blue RO Canisters plumbed in series (link) w/ Refillable Empty Cartridges (link) filled with Siporax pond rings.
Co2 Pump: Vertex v6 external pump (1584 GPH), plumbed to push water through Big Blue canisters in reverse.
Co2 Pump Plumbing: Co2 is injected directly into the Vertex pump and bubbles are chopped up and go into the first big blue canister. The second canister ensures that no co2 escapes the reactor and reduces micro bubbles in the tank. The co2 water return comes back into the tank through a drilled hole in the bottom and there is hidden Lok-Line plumbing partially buried in the substrate.
Co2 Cylinder: 2x 20 lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder (extra one to swap and always have a full one on hand). Seems like I go through about 4lbs of co2 a week.
Substrate: Lava rock base and 280lbs of Eco-Complete. I purposely went with an all inert substrate for this setup.
Dosing: 2x BRS 1.1 ml dosing pump for Micro & Macro (link).
Water: Tap water treated with Prime.

3 weeks in. I am dealing with some filamentous diatoms, but I am winning the battle with less intense lighting and 50% water changes almost daily. I had a little bit of plant die off in the beginning until I got my co2 dialed in, but now plants a growing very nicely. It would have also helped if I had more plant mass from the beginning I think. I hope the diatoms will go away soon. I think it's to be expected with a new tank like this.
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Feb 24, 2019
Modesto, CA
Following along on this one!

Please do share maintenance and more pics (I know the diatom bloom makes it tough).

Also since you didn't mention them, do you have values for co2, kh and gh in your tank?
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