For Sale: Moving Sale in Sacramento


Junior Poster
Nov 7, 2007
I'm moving from the Sacramento area and don't want to pack fish stuff. I live near Lee's Feed in Shingle Springs. Offers accepted. Must pick up.

Empty 55 gallon hex acrylic with stand - $25 OBO

Empty 12 gallon eclipse (working) with stand - $25 OBO

75gal AGA with glass tops; Stand; Eheim echo canister (18 months old); Current USA Satalite LED+ (18 months old); Jager Heater (10 years old); Low tech: anubias and java fern. 30ish fish: guppies, neons, raspbora, kuhli loaches; pleco; Some ferts, flake food, air pump, etc. $300 OBO.

Strongly prefer not to part this out.