Moving. Need help from experieced people


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Mar 26, 2006
Lexington, KY
Hello all,
I'll be moving soon, a three days drive in a SUV. My tank is a 29 gallon. What I was thinking was to remove all my substrate and put it into a container with just enough water from tank to keep it moist and pull all of my plants and wrap them in news paper and lay it on top of the substrate. Put all of my fish in a insulated ice chest half filled with water from tank. Also, I'm going to be taking maybe 10 gallons of water from the tank with me. Now I have a 130 watt DC to AC converter which has a 300 watt peak compacity. I was thinking of cutting holes in the top and running my fluval 205 and a small air pump in with the fish for the journey. My Fluval is I think 10 watts and the air pump in maybe 2 watts.
So you think this would work well? What I am trying to do is keep the bacteria alive long enough to get it up and running again.

Thanks for your help.



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Feb 3, 2007
Dixon IL
Your plants and bacteria should be fine as long as they are moist and warm. As far as fish I have no experience with transporting them. I kept plants in a ziplock bag a room temperature for a week because I forgot to give them to a friend the previous week and they all survived.