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Sep 23, 2007
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Hi all,


I will be moving from my small 1br apt (620 sq ft) to a larger (1220(?) sq ft!) 2br apt the first week of Oct.

However, the move is only about 150 feet away to the end of the next building and both are first floor (of course!), so should be fairly simple...

I have moved my 180 many times so should be a breeze..knock wood.

Some risk as always and some added as:

1). I intend to replace my cabinet with a new one of the same(?) dimensions inside and out.

My plumbing should be plug and play with all my unions/ball valves..Give me a chance to maybe redo the leg/outlet merge....let me noodle on that....

2). I intend to REMOVE the wiers/overflows and EXCHANGE the PVC pipes. The PVCs will be shorter and painted black to help hide them. The intakes will be lowered somewhat. The outlets will be lowered quite a bit but be adjustable somewhat. I will keep the loc-line spread, just will be lower in the water...

a. Should I replace the bulkheads while I can? They are 10 yrs old now. Seems like the right thing to do while I have the chance.
b. Possibly remove the mazzei leg since I like the needle wheel setup. Just need to hide the needle pump better.

I will most likely get up early that day.

1). Remove all plants, hardscape, etc while filters run.
2). Catch/count majority of fish with wide soft nets while filters run.
3). Fish/plants will go in rubbermaid container(s) with small canister to provide filtration/aeration support.
4). Drain most of the remaining water and fish.
5). Remove substrate and fish lol
6). Remove all plumbing.
7). Clean and disenfect tank.
8). Discard stand.
9). Clean NC filters including rinsing the NC bio-media as well.

Reverse steps :)

Basically take the opportunity to clean/replace as appropriate. Get an opportunity to check it all out and service as needed.

I will also take the opportunity to count the fish and remove as many of my platies as possible. Wish me luck on THAT as you know how livebearers are :) Fry are in evey piece of plumbing I am sure.

I hope to end up with just the cards and the pencils. Be nice to get a count on the cardinal armada, which I suspect is lower than it should be...

Big thing is that this tank will go in my bedroom. It will fit as I just have the bed and small footprint desk/chair. More closets means no dresser...

I am hunting now for another tank for the living room. Same size at least and maybe 8' if I can fit it.

I will look around for a bit as many LFS will have a decent tank/stand for sale. I don't need it to be my 'dream' tank, rimless, etc.

Sorry for babbling on....
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Jul 9, 2010
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Good luck on the move, and good luck with the platy removal. I've been separating male and female between my two tanks, but I only have one female that can reproduce. I can't imagine much luck with that with the numbers you have in there.


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Jun 21, 2009
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Sounds Like Fun

Hi Gerry,

Good luck on the move, you are the thoughtful organized sort, so it should go well. :cool:

Yes I would replace the bulkheads given the chance. In fact I would replace most/all of the pvc plumbing, take a hard look at the the valves and seals and so on, I am sure you have this stuff covered. :)

It is nice to be able to count the heard.

How are you moving the tank? :confused: 180-gallon tank is verging on a serious project. :p

I am reasonably sure you are aware, but do not over clean the filter media, I know it is tempting. :eek:

Most of all have fun, after all this is a hobby, not well, er-ah..., Golf. :eek:

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