Moving and redoing a 120gal tank


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May 22, 2007
I am moving to a house in a month and will need to be moving my 120gal tank. I haven't been seeing the growth I once had in the tank and want to correct the problem. About 6 months ago I switched the substrate from 50/50 eco/gravel to 100% aquasoil. The aquasoil had to be soaked prior to putting it into the tank as I had no where to put my fish during the aquasoil ammonia leech period. When I finally put the aquasoil into my tank it created a huge mess of the water but finally settled down. I still get a huge cloud of crap whenever I move stuff around in there. I recently purchased some new aquasoil and was thinking about replacing the stuff I have in there with new aquasoil when I move. I would be able to find homes for my fish for a few weeks so the ammonia leeching wouldn't be a problem. Should I use the aquasoil I have now, use new aquasoil (less damaged from being moved around), or replace the substrate with something like ecocomplete. The other parameters for my tank are below.

2x 175w 10k MH lights (on from 1pm-11pm)
Pressurized CO2 (I use a dropchecker with standard 4KH solution and it green to yellow for most the day) diffused through 2 redsea vortex diffusors.
I dose Ferts using EI but I dose both macros and micros dry 3x a week.
1 Cascade 1200, 1 Rena FilStar X3

I used to see tons of pearling but i see almost none now and I can't figure out why. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.