moss question


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Jul 27, 2007
I have 75g with 2x39w, co2, EI,AS. Its 6-7 month old, things are growing ok,, pearling.
after noon, the moss on the wood grow like crazy the first 2-3month, then slowed down and now its not growing, i trim it every 2-3weeks, i noted that it became stiff, the main vain dark brown and stiff.
i cant figer it out,
kno3 20-25
po4 1-1.2
iron 0.7
tests with lamotte colometer
co2 yellow dc /4kh (cant add more, fish will not tolerate)
any thoughts?

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Moss is a good indicator of CO2.
You might clean the filter, add more flow etc , for the
Lower O2 happens as a new tank fills in and current is reduced, filters have higher demand etc.

This should give you more flexibility with the moss.
Moss also loves higher current.
I've never once found any moss in a low current region.

Stiff brittle plants, no/poor moss growth, pretty good sign something CO2.

Also, make very small CO2 adjustments, the CO2 is not far off, you just need to tweak it a little.
Make sure you clean the filter more and the tank in general to get good optimal flow and consider a bit more current.

Managing CO2 with this amount of light should not be this tough.
Check the KH of the tap water also.

DC's are not that accurate, you have 3 color changes that indicate over a wide pH range that has a pretty large error range.
Better to use this as quick check perhaps, then slow methodical tweaking from there.

Tom Barr