moss and water conditions


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Mar 27, 2005
I dont knw if this is the correct section to start this thread but just thought Id shoot.
I have received beautiful moss from others online in the past. Bright green and lush mosses that look just great.
I thought with my new setup I would too have great moss and enjoy the look of it in my tank. I have ADA aqua soil, compressed co2, TEK lights(4x39watt) T5, dosing excell.
My moss tends to loose its bright green color and turns a dark green, in areas the little leafs are brown. I get what i woud call good growth but the java moss strands tend to thin out. My other moss, peacock, has the same conditions as far as the dark green some areas brown. It doesnt look to be thinning out but not the bright green color when i received it.

I have read and read and read about how easy moss was and it grows under most water conditions. I have been told and read that water hardness will not effect the moss in any way. I have NEVER been able to grow any type of moss in a bright green healthy form. At my first attemp some time ago I thought it was lack of water conditions and co2. I my new setup I have my water at ideal conditions. Co2 levels are good, i am on top of my EI schedule, and light is more than enough to grow anything.

One thing that has always crossed my mind is the fact of our rock hard tap water. When I received my latest shipment of peacock moss it was mroe than enough and gave some to the LFS. Besides the hair alage on it the moss is bright green and lush looking. They go 50/50 with thier water for the tank. The tank had no co2 and is rarely dosed for nutrients.

My question after all this does the GH of the water play a contributing role in my problem? Honestly my answer is yes. I know I am going to get torn apart but just the only thing I can see that has stayed constant over past my experiance and current.

I want to go 50/50 with the water in my tank but at 2-3 water changes weekly I cant afford it. My tank has been set up for about 2-3 months, so the advice of frequent water changes by Mr. Barr was taken.

i am still seeing a slight tint of green in the water between water changes. I adressed this probem in this thread:

feel free to to throw some thought into this! :D


Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Most do quite well with lower light and ample CO2, which is easier to maintain with less light.

Color will change depending on light/CO2 etc and nutrients, not just one thing.

Tom Barr