Morning Colours


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Dec 9, 2005
Lennox Head, NSW Australia
I posted this on an Australian forum where I am a member. Hope you guys enjoy the photo:
This photo is of one of my small Rainbows just after the lights came on.
The lights on my Rainbow tank come on in two stages: First some 100W of Fluoro come on and an hour later, the Halides come on. I do this for a bit of a "sunrise effect".

Recently, I got three new trifasciatas, one male and two females. I already had a male there that thought he was the "dominant" male in the tank so when this fella moved in, the previous one (a bit smaller) is continually showing off colours and trying to be boss.

Because of the low light level when I took this photo, I had to use flash and the colours are a bit washed out.