more traces needed?

john b.

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May 21, 2005
It seems that on the days I add traces, I get much more pearling from the plants.Like much more pearling on micro days then the days I add macros. I am adding 10-12 mls.of flourish every other day. Should I add a bit more and how much is too much? Could I possibly add traces everyday at a little less ammount or is this generally not a good idea?

Vladimir Zhurov

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Aug 25, 2006
London, ON
Re: more traces needed?


I do not know whether microelements can be metabolized so fast that you will observe reaction within hours. You did not specify how big is your tank, so it is impossible to say how dramatic is a change of concentration anyway.

But here is my uneducated guess. I suspect that Flourish has quite high organic content. Its smell always reminds me of Russian "kvas" (with "a" as in "father"), which is a cider-like drink with base of bread, sugar, molasses, fruit and such. Kind of non-alcoholic yeast smell.
So what may produce more pearling is actually increase in DOC, not in micros.

But this is just a crazy guess.