Mixing the Spectrum


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Jan 17, 2007
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
I had recieved on Friday evening the bulbs I had ordered. I made some changes in the current 1000L tank - The Incomparable. Out of the 5 150W - MH 3 are now 10000K and 2 are 3000K. Keeping the 5 40W T8 2700K off the tank looks much brighter and the colour looks so natural that unless you open the top and make sure, you would think it is an outdoor tank lighted by natural light. Oh! I just love this combination.

I believe the brightness increased because the intensity of the green-yellow in the resultant spectrum has increased. That's not all, the pink granite that I had used to build the rear and the side walls now looks pink, a colour I could only see when there was direct sunlight in the tank.

I do not want to reduce the wattage of the lights used for this tank or I would be changing the experiment I have taken up. If I light up the 2700K T8 then they will make the present resultant spectrum lopsidedly high in the yellow bands. The type of T8 I now need is something like the Azoo Tri-Power which spikes at the red and blue ends. I think those will be just right. I hope I can find 5 X 48" of those.