Missing Plants !!!


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May 5, 2006
Hello All,

Recently i had planted the following plants in my 4x2x2 Planted Tank , and it seems they are missing from my Tanks !! is someone nibbling the new Plants or is it melting off ?

1. Dwarf Hair Grass
2. Glossostigma
3. HC

I have the following fishes in the tank , please let me know who is the culprit.!! :grin:

Puntius Denisoni (Torpedo barb), i have a doubt that :eek: he is the culprit...), Rummy Nose, Cardinals,Albino & Panda Corys, Harliquin Rasboras, Ramezeri..

Please help before the foreground plants are wiped out... !!:confused:



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Nov 21, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
From Arizona Aquatic Gardens on Redline Sharks:

This species may nibble on some plants that are soft-leaved, but is not interested in intimidating plants like anubias, swords, or grasses.

Maybe dwarf hairgrass is soft enough for them to eat. I'm sure you would be able to spot melting. Of course, that's not to say that both nibbling and melting are not going on. You typically need at least 2 wpg (other factors are involved) to grow those ground covers.

I have no idea what a Ramezeri is, but your other fish wouldn't eat plants.