MIRO4 vs Coralife reflectors


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Jan 23, 2005
My tank is a lil wide, 36"Lx18"W

and I am using the Coralife 36" 2x96W fixture.

I was wondering if the Coralife reflectors are any good compare to the well known MIRO4 reflectors...because I feel like the light isn't able to spread out wide enough with my current stock reflectors.

has anyone able to retrofit MIRO4 reflector from AHsupply into the Coralife fixtures?



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Jan 24, 2005
Re: MIRO4 vs Coralife reflectors

The problem wouldn't go away all that much changing to the MIRO4. The
MIRO4 focuses the light downward, more than it spreads it out over a wide
area tank. There was a discussion on APC about this where the concensus
is using NO fluorescents in an expandable reflector which would cover more
area of the tank. There would be a drop in intensity, tho. Using cf lighting,
I would go with 2 rows of lower wattage for your tank, say 2x40w or 2x55w each row. Then I would look at the MIRO4 for a retrofit. I've used only MIRO4s, and am not familiar with the Coralifes to judge if they're as good.