Microsorum Die Back

Peter F

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Jul 9, 2009
Has anyone had experience or know why Microsorum Windelov leaf tips go brown in colour and seem to die back before new growth appears, on some of the plant leaves?
I would like to know if the brown marks could be a result alage growth, a natural phenomena or lack of nutrients?
I have also noticed shaded parts of Windelov plants do not seem to be affected as much.

My plants are relatively new and seem to be picking up with plenty of new growth, is it just a case of being patient!

Regards: Peter


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Jun 21, 2009
Surprise, AZ
Hi Peter,

Microsorum Windelov should be a sturdy little plant, grows slowly with little light and no CO2.

Is it attached to rock or drift wood? Is the horizontal rhizome clear of debris and out of the substrate?

Assuming the rhizome is not covered, unless your tank has high lighting it is difficult to imagine a lack of nutrients or dare I say it, even CO2 being much of a problem.

If it is new, I suppose it could be a little melt. Which means just keep an eye on the plant




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Aug 11, 2005
I have had the same experience. I had two Windeløvs, one in a CO2 enricched (EI) tank and one in a non CO2 thank. Both plants where in perfect shape. Then I moved the plant from the non CO2 tank to the CO2 tank. It was growing on a root, so I simply moved the root with the plant attached. I the new environment leaves started to go brown. I just cut of the brown leaves as they developed. New leaves grew from the rhizome in no time. Over a 2-3 weeks period I guess all the old leaves where gone.
I believe the plant where not well adapted for the rich nutrient levels in the new tank.
One interesting ting was that in the area where the plants was close together some of the original plants leaves also got brown, so it looked like a disease. Cut of these leaves and new leaves grew out instantly, so no problem.
As Biollante writes: make shure you have not covered the rhizome!
The Windeløv is a sturdy plant, and asuming you have got a healthy plant to begin with, it will come back strong.