Melting Tissue Cultured Plants - Go Emersed?


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Oct 1, 2020
South Korea
I swear by tissue cultures normally but I am having continuous failure in my 29 gallons.

After planting them shortly they start turning brown and mushy from the root end and eventually melt completely.

I have heard they are especially weak to ammonia spikes from soil and my soil is indeed little bit on the heavier side.
Some did survive and doing well but Rotala indica and Ludwigia sp super red never made it.

So would emerse grown plants have better chance in my tank?


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Mar 3, 2017
I think it all depends on the health of each cup when you get it, and the hotness of your substrate as you already indicated. Emersed can fall as well, it all depends on their health when you got them and if you can provide them what they need when you plant them. CO2 is by far the biggest factor so make sure it’s dialed in