Mega Turbo Twist


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Apr 4, 2005
I want to change my reactor for my large tank (150 gal). I currently use an AM 1000 plumbed into the return line and mounted in the cabinet below the tank. I am VERY concerned about the thing busting or leaking as the way it's configured, it would completely drain the tank. Further, I am soft plumbed with 3/4 " hose and the AM 1000 forces me to reduce that to 1/2" causing pressure build up.

I don't want a bulky reactor inside the tank so I am considering alternatives that can be mounted below, yet work well and are safer from a total drainage perspective. My idea (in the diagram attached) is to build a huge turbo twist out of pre coiled hose connected to a powerhead, draped outside (behind) the tank with only the powerhead and the return line actually in the tank.

The coiled hose can be of any length and still be compact. You've seen the type hoses I'm thinking of in carwashes, specialty garden hoses that store easily etc. I found a place that sells precoiled 1/2' aquarium hose cheap.

Do you all think this will work? Will it react as well as my AM 1000? Would longer/shorther hose length help hurt?

Thanks for the feedback!

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Mega Turbo Twist

These work well and I made these I guess 10 or so years ago.
Main thing is to have very good venturi inlet.

I'd suggest a good powerhead and feed the CO2 into the suction side of the impeller.

You can also add a venturi loop and have a catch(like the AM 1000) for the bubbles and run it back through again if the gas acculmulates.

Tom Barr