Mazzie setup questions?


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Feb 20, 2009
This is a double post, I also posted this in Co2 and fertilization section, I put it hear also as I was hoping to get some feedback from Tom.

Current setup:
120 gal(4*2*2) with 2 xp3's one has a UV sterilizer in line the other has a co2 reactor in line. Because the rector isn't dissolving enough co2 I also have a diffuser disc under a power head. Using this setup I go through a 10lb co2 tank every couple months as I am running about 10+ bubbles per sec to keep co2 levels where I need.

New Setup:
I have the same tank and have bought a Fluval fx5 to replace the xp3's and I would also like to add a mazzei venturi to save on co2. I have some questions though. I am not sure what mazzei to buy? I was thinking the 384 with a pump that runs at about 700 - 1000 gph. To plumb that mazzie I was going to do the closed loop with ball valve, but also wanted to only have one intake and output in the tank. I have herd of plumbing the pump inline with the fluval fx5 output line and putting the mazzi after the pump. But I am not sure if this could mess up the fluval some how. Also because my fluval has that ribbed hose so it can bend I am not sure if I could get a tight connection from the hose to the pump or other plumbing. Also I am not sure if I am going to need a ph monitor to control the mazzie to prevent me from adding too much co2. On a lost note I live in Vancouver Canada and I can't find anywhere that sells the mazzie and ships to Canada any ideas?

I would like to do this properly so I am looking for a little guidance, if anyone has any comment or suggestions like maybe a better way to do it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance Nic.