Mazzei 784k Injector

Lou Ahlquist

New Member
Oct 7, 2018
Central NJ
Nubie here.
I talked to one of the engineers at Mazzei. I told him that I am setting up a 250 gallon planted tank (It's a Marineland Deep Dimension with corner overflows and 40 gallon sump).
He set me up with a Mazzei 784K injector. From what I've been reading on here that seems on the larger size comparatively. I have a Vectra M1 2000 gal/hr (maxes out at ~ 21 ft of head) return pump which I have T'd off; one circuit back to tank the other will be used to power the Mazzei.
Can anyone give me some basic tips on setting it up as far as flow and how much co2? ...something to get me in the ballpark towards getting it operating efficiently? From what I've been reading on here it can be tricky.

I was going to put the output from the Mazzei into the sump before a bubble trap to minimize micro bubbles in the display. Is this a common strategy?