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marine tankconversion

Discussion in 'CO2 Enrichment' started by humansarepods, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. humansarepods

    humansarepods Junior Poster

    Jun 11, 2008
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    10:54 PM
    Hi all,
    Great site, i have trawled through it for some time and what a volume of tremendous knowledge. i love enthusiast forums people are so willing to share. Unfortunately I have much more to learn than to share

    I have had aquariums for 30 years until 7 years ago when due to circumstances i have been without.
    i have just aquired a 4 ft x 2ft x 2ft ex marine tank with a sump type bio filter and a moozoo halide fitting with twin 150 w and moon flouros.

    i plan to have a well planted aquarium as the ones i have loved the most have been the wonderful environments created in tropical planted aquariums.

    I have purchaced substrate additives laterite and flourite which i plan to blend with some fine gravel. i have also purchaced a co2 reg and diffuser etc.

    My question is as i believe these filters are gass exchange filters how draining will the sump/ bio filter be on the co2 , should i look at other filtration? and if so what are the recomendations?

    If i can maintain the sump should i also include activated carbon (within the sump and or should i purchace an internal filter for this and other purposes.

    Due to my buget I will most probably start with the existing filter setup and make changes as funds are availabe.

    Thanks in anticipation Mitchell
  2. Gerryd

    Gerryd Plant Guru Team
    Lifetime Member

    Sep 23, 2007
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    10:54 PM


    What type of c02 reg/setup do you have?

    You will need a drop checker (DC) that contains a 4 kh water solution that you can use to ESTIMATE the ppm of c02 in the water.

    You can use these. Many of us have overflows and sumps/ wet/drys. You can seal the sump with duct tape or whatever, and then look at your overflows, as this is where a lot of degassing occurs. The less waterfall the better.

    Many place carbon or zeolite or whatever they need in a sump. A sump can be very useful. You can add other filtration if desired.

    Please read around the site and try some searches. I know recently I posted several links to good threads around c02, drop checkers, etc.

    Also, think about current and flow as this is also vital.

    Looks like you have a 120 gal tank? and 300 watts of light is a lot. That will cause high nutrient and c02 demand, so think about this more.....

    You may want to lose the actinics and switch to a 10k or 6500k bulb......

    Good luck.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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