Macro and micro's on same day?


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Aug 19, 2010
Have been dosing macro nutrients and trace (flourish comprehensive) on same day in non CO2 low tech tank.
Plant's are doing well thanks to help from those here but I often see mention made around the forums of dosing trace or micros the day after dosing the macronutrients. Is this something I should consider?



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Jan 5, 2009
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Short answer: No

:gw Long answer: Yes, but the recommendation to separate macros (specifically PO4) from Micro-nutrients is purely academic. There are reasons for making the distinction clear to someone starting out in the hobby. Phosphate (PO4) will form precipitates with other elements like Fe and Ca. However, at the levels we add to our aquariums the distinction is more theoretical. When adding powders, a few hours between doses is often recommended for no practical reason other then one of speculative interest.
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