Ludwigia Super Red Vs Rotala Macrandra. Lo Tech..but Not Lo Efforts!


Nov 28, 2019
Hayward ca.
Ok,it's looking to me that super red Ludwigia are all gassed. I could be wrong. But! I do remember in the 80's I was growing Rotala macrandra under 4 x 40 watt fluorescents and it did so a pot with potting soils under it. I think the green granules ferts in the soil give off what it needed. Had lots of color.
So my question is..what do you think if you have to choose one? My Ludwigia experience for now is ..grows well but not close to all undersides. I dont have the super red...that's another question. Super red always or only with gas?
Now my previous best experience with stem plants is that they take only so much cutting back. Yet that was with no dosing. Is Rotala better at hedging?..Its been decades since i had it. Super red looks outstanding..but...