low light, dense planted.


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Oct 31, 2007
hi folks, i showed you before two of my very high light tanks. now i would like you to show the other side of the fence, a very low light acuarium




camera light is suited for this picts.
substrate is similar to eco complete, but i cant recall the right name. 55 gal walmart tank, light is one T12, and one T8. thats all.(1.27watt x gal) CO2 from DIY bottles (3). very close to EI routine (i just add more K2SO4), due i believe more on Liebig than in Tom ;) :D

the picts is just after cleaning, replanting and triming.. is in salvage stage, i called "my container tank" has no design at all, i just a experiment how low light a plant can have to grow well.

i been having this tank like this about one year and several months. nothing has change, just the list of plants to watch variations on its behavior.

btw.. this is the 2 other higt lighted tanks...

any question is welcome.
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