Local plant club links and banners! Have one? Send it! We will put it into rotation!

Greg Watson

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Jan 23, 2005
United States
The BarrReport is committed to furthering the local plant club scene.
Advertizers are not required to fund this forum, we therefore would like to extend the commonly 150-200$ a billing cycle payment for free, yes, for free to local plant clubs world wide.

You must be a local plant club or inter/national club such as the Aquatic gardener's association and be non profit.

The BarrReport is unlike any other forum in this respect, we place the local clubs first, not the businesses and advertizers.

So send the banner links and we will get them up and you can get them rotating and new members! Need help forming a new club?
A mailing list is all that's really needed.
Plant swaps are a great draw(no money changes hands, pizza parlors are not bad meeting places, nor are BBQ's are a member's home.
Need $$ for the club? Do a plant sale's drive, all $$ goes to the club funding.
Open houses are good ways to learn and make friends.
It is not a huge issue to form a club of plant tank zealots!

Tom Barr


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Apr 4, 2005

Here's the banner link for thr Arizona Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts Club. we are nearly 200 strong and very active. If you can post our banner link it would be greatly appreciated!


We are a group of planted tank hobbyists located primarily in the Phoenix, metropolitan area of Arizona. We are open to plant enthusiasts from all over the world. We hold monthly meetings every third Sunday. Our meetings are hosted by a different member in their home each month. We enjoy the company of fellow members, sharing ideas, exchanging plants, and fish. Occasionally we will do a group aquascaping of the host's tank.

One of our founding members is Rhonda Wilson, a dedicated natural tank enthusiast. Rhonda owns and operates NaturalAquarium.com | Natural Aquarium | Natural Aquarium | Aquarium Center | Aquarium UV and writes the monthly column, The Planted Tank for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. She has donated this website to AAPE. Rhonda has vast experience with plants and rare livebearers helping to make our club that much richer. If you live in the Phoenix area or are just passing through, please feel free to join us at one of our monthly meetings. You are always welcome no matter what your level of expertise. For more information please join us on our forum.