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Jan 18, 2007

I am after some advice as to what other UK plant enthusiasts use in the way of light.

I am looking to replace my interpet overtank lighting for my E.I high growth tank, it is becoming dangerous (giving me small shocks if I rub against it when off) according to my calculations I am currently getting 4.5w per UK gal, (120w/ 26 UK gal tank= 4.5w per g) (3.8w per US g) and I am aware if my calculations are correct (unsure if UK gal rather than US are the correct unit to use?) that this is far more than necessary, However I’m finding it difficult to find UK overtank lighting which is 100cm long and the intensity I want.:confused:

I am looking at around 3w per gal to avoid too drastic a sudden light drop; my options are as far as I am aware-

1. The Arcadia over tank luminary 100cm which a has 4x 39w T5, using 1 or 2 of those lamps as blue lamps for night time viewing to get rid of some of those extra w and using the remaining 2 for daytime use giving me 78w= 3.0 w per gal (2.5w Us g.)

2. The Arcadia T-bar, which is 2x 39w= 78w= 3 w per g (2.5w Us g.)

3. Or going for a Giesemann pendant Eco plus 600mm. 1- 70w & 2- 9w= 88w= 3.3 w per g (2.8w US g) which obviously would not fit the length of my tank, but perhaps would still provide a good intensity across the entire tank?

4. Or EQ-Trading on E-Bay who do 100cm 2x 39w luminaries, I don’t know if anyone has had any experience with them?

-There don’t appear to be any HOT5 which fit my tank length.
-The Arcadia T8 lighting unit only provides me 2- 30w lamps.

As you can see I am struggling and probably making the situation more complicated than it is:eek: , however I don’t wish to loose the algae free, healthy plants I already have so any advice would be most welcome.



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Mar 21, 2005