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Lighting for a Macro algae tank with corals

Discussion in 'Marine Plants - Macroalgae' started by lljdma06, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. lljdma06

    lljdma06 Prolific Poster

    Dec 20, 2006
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    Haven't posted here in about 100 years. Happy 4th to those who celebrate it.:) I'm enjoying a lazy day. I still do planted tanks, but I've got a Marine project in the planning stages. Mixed Corals/macros/seagrass. Caribbean/FL species only. Well, I'm from Miami.

    I just wanted to run this lighting by you. Based on what I've read and where I've posted so far, it's ok for what I want, but I want to make sure. It's a 36g corner bow front that's 21" deep, but add a 4" sand bed or mixed substrate bed.

    2 x 65 CF lighting at 10k. Now I know that planted Marines will use less color temp, 6700k, but I'm also growing corals, so...

    2 x 14 W NO T5 (Actinic). Again, I want some corals. Mostly softies, but I was told I could do the Caribbean encrusting gorgonian too, but that's later.

    Planning on a sand bed of about 4" and was also playing with the idea of the hardier seagrasses. Well, easier to just post a plant list...

    Macro algae

    Halimeda incrassata
    Halimeda discoidea
    Halimeda opuntia
    Acetabularia calyculus
    Chondria sp.
    Gelidium Sp
    Ochtodes sp
    Dictyota sp

    Sea grass

    Halodule wrightii
    Halophila decipiens
    Halophila engelmannii

    Coral list... Not particularly ambitious, save the Gorgonian


    Ricordea florida
    Discosoma sanctithomae
    Discosoma neglecta
    Discosoma sp. (mushrooms)


    Erythropodium spp (Caribbean encrusting gorgonian)

    The sites I've been posting at say this is ok, but I heard that Tom Barr liked his reef tanks and I thought I'd post...

    Tank's still in its planning stages, but if it looks good, I'll put up the build thread here too. Hahaha, what's one more build thread? :D I've got three already, one in a Marine forum with a good macro section, one in a general forum where I mod in, one in an aquascaping forum where this setup isn't very common. If it looks bad, you'll be the first people to knock it down. :lol: I may be stretching it with the seagrass, but I did pick the "hardiest" ones!

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  2. Tom Barr

    Tom Barr Founder
    Staff Member Administrator

    Jan 23, 2005
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    For the macros, not need for atinics, but for the corals, sure.

    High Ca++ and Alk...........Kalk reactor is a bit over kill, dose Kalk instead.

    I'm doing something similar again but with SPS and seagrasses and Mangroves.
  3. lljdma06

    lljdma06 Prolific Poster

    Dec 20, 2006
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    Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. Happy fourth to you.

    This is good news. Yes, if I wasn't stubborn and wanted some coral, I'd nix the actinics and maybe lower the color temp, but I'm stubborn and want some corals. :lol: Was planning on dosing Kalk, but very glad that I don't have to do a Kalk reactor. I read about those in the Kurtz and it looked complicated. The mixed systems are challenging. Some people wanted me to try mangroves, but I think my tank is too small and mangroves take up a lot of real estate. Finding livestock that are both reef and macro safe has been interesting, especially with regard to crabs.

    I'll get a journal up here tomorrow. I'm assuming you'll document yours. The Marine planted tanks are still quite rare, at least where I frequent. Was made aware of George Farmer's after I started my journal. I keep journals in several places and in two of the places, his tank has been posted in my thread. I like his tank, but I'm going in a different direction.

    Thanks again,


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