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Lighting for 75 gallon tank

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by feh, May 22, 2011.

  1. feh

    feh Guru Class Expert

    Jan 14, 2011
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    8:37 AM
    I'm only looking for medium light... something close to 45 micromol range at the substrate but still not being too intense near the top of the tank. Am I asking for the impossible? Based on Hoppy's chart at TPT 2 T5NO bulbs would give medium lighting. I'd rather not give up my canopy so I'm thinking about removing the T5HO fixture I have and installing a DIY set up in the top of the canopy. I only have about 4 inches to work with above the top of the tank. From the substrate Its 20 inches to the top of the inside of the canopy. I do intend to use reflectors comparable to the ones at AH supply with the bulbs spaced about 4 inches from the rear of the tank and 4 inches from the front of the tank to try and get the best spread I can. Would this offer reasonable lighting without it being too much? I have some moss growing near the surface. I'm not sure on the exact distance but I don't want to have issues with algae growing in the moss. Right now I'm using a 4 bulb T5HO fixture with the 2 outside bulbs in use suspended 12" from the top of the tank and on for 8hrs a day, but I just don't like the look of it hanging above the tank. My tank is also covered with glass so I do expect some loss from that.
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