Lighting Duration


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Mar 3, 2005
Greater Manchester, UK
i've just finished setting my first aquarium, which is a 20uk gallon. I modded the hood so it would fit 2x36w PC tubes + reflectors. Got myself a hagen co2 kit (will buy a pro JBL kit soon). My substrate has jbl florapol added to it and heating cables. I have around 90 plants in there. the only thing i'm adding atm is jbl ferropol, but i'm gonna buy a pmdd mix from soon and maybe some potassium nitrate, my tapwater has around 5ppm no3 and 5ppm po4. I'm a little unsure as to how long the lighting should be on for, one day i'll have my timer set to 10hrs, another day 12hrs, could anyone give me advice on how long the light should be on for. I'm also getting what looks like hair/thread algae on some leaves. Thanks in advance for any advice.

edit: also the temp goes up 27c quite often because of the lighting, could this pose a problem to some plants and fish?


Greg Watson

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Jan 23, 2005
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Re: Lighting Duration

My 180 did the same thing until I raised my lighting 3/4 of an inch which gave the lighting enough of a convection air current to let a lot of the heat disapate into the room rather than the aquarium ...